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Bernie Sanders 2020
Presidential Campaign Launch

The Angle Studio's Remote Production Immersed Viewers in a Momentous Political Event

In February 2019, The Angle Studio partnered with to produce the live broadcast of Bernie Sanders' 2020 Presidential Campaign Launch at Brooklyn College. With a wireless remote production system and engaging content, they delivered an influential viewing experience to a wide audience.

Seamless Remote Production:

Using roving and stationary cameras, The Angle Studio captured every angle of the campaign launch, wirelessly connected to their remote production system. This innovative setup ensured comprehensive coverage and a seamless viewing experience.

Engaging Content and Performances:

The live broadcast, with over 800k views on Facebook, featured speeches from Bernie Sanders, music performances, and influential political leaders. We amplified the impact of Bernie Sanders' campaign launch, reaching a wide audience and sparking conversations about progressive policies and ideas.

Shaping the Political Landscape:

This live broadcast played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape, contributing to the momentum of Bernie Sanders' campaign and inspiring viewers with his message of change. With seamless remote production, engaging performances, and a wide reach, we played a pivotal role in shaping the political conversation and inspiring viewers worldwide.

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