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EU virtual panel on the Roma community's role in the Union's future

Cutting edge virtual discussion with live translation to five languages, all remote and decentralized.

In May 2020, The Angle Studio collaborated with and Social Changes to organize a series of panel discussions with influential members of the European Commission and the European Parliament. These virtual discussions aimed to address the Union's recovery following the pandemic. Through remote streaming technology, the productions were translated live into five different languages and shared across various social media platforms within the European political sphere.

Empowering the Roma Community:

One particular panel discussion, hosted by Klára Dobrev, Vice President of the European Parliament, focused on the crucial role of the Roma community in the development of the Union. Distinguished guests, including David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, and Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe, along with several Members of the European Parliament, participated in the enlightening conversation.

Remote Production Excellence:

The Angle Studio successfully managed the remote production of the panel discussions, leveraging their expertise in streaming technology. This allowed for seamless real-time translations and enabled the content to be accessible to a diverse audience across different European languages.

Broadening Engagement:

By disseminating the panel discussion to various social media pages within the European political sphere, The Angle Studio maximized engagement and reach. The conversation sparked meaningful discussions and encouraged dialogue on the Union's recovery and the Roma community's integral role in shaping its future. Through remote production excellence and broad engagement on social media platforms, we ensured that this important dialogue reached a wide audience and fostered collective understanding of the Union's future.

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