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Amplifying Starbucks' Employee Voices

Brewing Connections: Live Streaming Starbucks Spain's Diversity Dialogue from a Cafe to the World

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Starbucks Spain, The Angle Studio flawlessly executed a live broadcast of a meaningful employee diversity discussion, transforming an ordinary cafe in Barcelona into a global digital stage.

Innovative Podcast-Like Setup in a Cafe:

Embracing the challenge of producing a live event in a bustling cafe, The Angle Studio utilized three 5G cameras to capture the event in a podcast-like setup. This innovative approach created an intimate atmosphere, enabling genuine conversations while simultaneously allowing for high-quality video capture. Despite the physical distance, the team expertly directed the event from their New York control room, creating a seamless, impactful broadcast.

Global Streaming on Multiple Platforms:

To ensure wide accessibility and engagement, The Angle Studio streamed the event on two platforms: YouTube for the public and Starbucks' private employee platform for internal audiences. This dual-platform approach allowed for a broad global reach while maintaining a personalized connection with Starbucks' employees.

Amplifying Employee Voices:

This broadcast served as a powerful platform for Starbucks Spain to enrich its brand, showcasing their commitment to employee diversity. Viewers got a firsthand look into the authentic experiences of Starbucks employees, which not only amplified their voices but also contributed to Starbucks' reputation as an inclusive, employee-centric organization.

Impact and Future Possibilities:

The successful execution of Starbucks Spain's live-streamed diversity discussion marks a significant milestone for The Angle Studio. By showcasing their adaptability to unconventional settings and their ability to create an intimate, podcast-like atmosphere, they have once again pushed the boundaries of remote production. This achievement paves the way for future collaborations, emphasizing the role of live streaming in amplifying important dialogues and enhancing brand narratives.

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