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How to prep for SAT and ACT: The Video Series

Mastering the art of educational videos to empower students

The Angle Studio partnered with professional tutor Sam McLaughlin to create an educational video series, "SAT and ACT Prep." Our goal was to provide young students with comprehensive strategies and approachable guidance for success in these exams.

Comprehensive and Approachable:

Understanding the importance of these exams, we aimed to make the prep process more comprehensive and approachable. Through engaging graphics and clear explanations, we simplified complex concepts and empowered students to navigate their options effectively.

Guidance and Strategies:

The video series covered essential sections, offering step-by-step strategies, time management tips, and insights to optimize performance. By addressing common questions and concerns, we instilled confidence and provided the tools students needed to excel.

Supporting Student Success:

Our commitment to supporting student success drove the creation of the SAT and ACT prep videos. By demystifying the process and equipping students with knowledge and strategies, we fostered confidence and motivation for achieving academic goals. The result empowered students by providing comprehensive guidance and approachable strategies. By simplifying complex concepts, addressing common concerns, and offering valuable insights, we support students on their path to success in these critical exams.

Power in Numbers


Initial Episodes


Explainer Diagrams





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