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Our Work

At The Angle Studio we produce content for a wide variety of customers, from small businesses to US and International media outlets. We provide them all with a unique vision on their stories using every creative tool at our disposal.



5GRV - Gamers On The Road


Barcelona's Heating and Cooling Networks

In-person guests

Brunchwork at Sony Square

Initial Episodes

How to prep for SAT and ACT: The Video Series


Amplifying Starbucks' Employee Voices

Editors and Journalists engaged

BeautyPress NYC Spotlight Day

Live Viewers

EU virtual panel on the Roma community's role in the Union's future

5G Cameras

Hâlô: Open for Construction - LCI Fashion Show 2023

Hours of Content

Barcelona Fashion Summit

Live Viewers

Bernie Sanders 2020
Presidential Campaign Launch


Escape From Reality: LCI Fashion Show 2022

Hours of Video

Introducing La Petite Colline Maternelle / Preschool

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