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We are The Angle Studio

We are a digital media company specializing in live TV and social media content. Our team of young award-winning professionals is constantly seeking for the best ways to tell a story. We can help you find a unique way to communicate with your audience.


It’s all about The Angle.


Act TV - The Angle Studio
American Heart Association - The Angle Studio
Brand Brigade - The Angle Studio
Flamenco Festival - The Angle Studio
Laundromat Project - The Angle Studio
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Eleven sports - The Angle Studio
Brunchwork - The Angle Studio


The Angle Studio started in the spring of 2018 as a way for four film school graduates in New York  to work together on projects, share equipment and resources. In its early months, we started collaborating with and Brand Brigade on several live production projects, involving cutting-edge technology that was revolutionizing the industry.

Together with our partners and with the trust of our customers we developed a remote live production system that proved to be essential during the Covid-19 pandemic to cover all sorts of events: from campaign events for the US presidential election to charity galas, National film festivals and panels for the European Commission.

In early-2022, we established a second base in Barcelona to better serve our European customers and bring our production expertise across the Atlantic. The Barcelona base reinforces our global presence and shortens our response time to cover rapidly developing events.

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