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Your angle, LIVE

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The Angle LIVE™ is one of the most advanced fully REMOTE LIVE STREAMING SOLUTIONS to produce professional-looking conferences, events and TV shows. Our team of journalists, designers and producers can help you create high-end interactive live branded content for all kinds of audiences.

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Remote Production is better

Our remote production system allows us to broadcast live content wirelessly and without big deployments, maintaining a high quality standard with a very small footprint. Throughout our four years of experience we have adapted this technology to all kinds of needs.

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  • Minimal installation, remote switching

  • Wireless cameras, using 4G/5G bonding technology

  • Flexible for last-minute changes 

  • Multiple locations at once, including outdoors

  • Moving less equipment and crew

  • Higher production value

  • Lower cost

Live coverage with no infrastructure

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Years of experience...

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Based in New York and Barcelona

While our teams can operate from anywhere in the world, we have bases in New York and Barcelona to respond to the needs of our customers faster across diferent timezones.