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Our Work

At The Angle Studio we produce content for a wide variety of customers, from small businesses to US and International media outlets. We provide them all with a unique vision on their stories using every creative tool at our disposal.



5GRV - Gamers On The Road

Editors and Journalists engaged

BeautyPress NYC Spotlight Day

Live Viewers

EU virtual panel on the Roma community's role in the Union's future

5G Cameras

Hâlô: Open for Construction - LCI Fashion Show 2023


Amplifying Starbucks' Employee Voices

Live Viewers

Bernie Sanders 2020
Presidential Campaign Launch


Escape From Reality: LCI Fashion Show 2022

Hours of Video

Introducing La Petite Colline Maternelle / Preschool

Hours of Content

Barcelona Fashion Summit

In-person guests

Brunchwork at Sony Square

Initial Episodes

How to prep for SAT and ACT: The Video Series

Participating Celebrities

One Chip Challenge for Georgia

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