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Hâlô: Open for Construction - LCI Fashion Show 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Transforming a Construction Site into a Digital Fashion Runway

In June 2023, LCI Barcelona, with a bold testament to the power of creativity and innovation, organized a groundbreaking fashion show at its under-construction campus, fittingly titled "Hâlô: Open for Construction". Once again, the challenge of translating this unique live event into an enthralling digital experience fell into the capable hands of The Angle Studio.

Remote Production Amidst Construction:

Faced with the unique venue challenge of a construction site devoid of utilities, The Angle Studio rose to the occasion with its advanced 4G/5G backpack-connected cameras. Five cameras were used in a roving setup to fully encompass the novel atmosphere of the construction site, producing live images from angles that best captured the transformative setting.

Directed from New York, Streaming Globally:

Despite the geographic distance and challenging venue, The Angle Studio successfully coordinated the entire show from our New York-based control room. Their expertise ensured an uninterrupted live broadcast, facilitating a global digital presence for "Hâlô: Open for Construction".

Innovative Backstage Coverage and Awards Ceremony:

Adding to the immersive experience, We incorporated a host to conduct live backstage interviews, granting viewers exclusive insights into the thoughts and inspirations of the designers. We also provided real-time coverage of the awards ceremony at the end of the runway show, capturing the exciting moments of the recognition and celebration of talent.

Interactive Venue Experience:

By integrating the live stream in a vertical format onto a large LED screen at the venue, The Angle Studio further enhanced the atmosphere of the fashion show, fostering a sense of unity and engagement among onsite attendees despite the ongoing construction.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The success of the "Hâlô: Open for Construction" live broadcast expands the boundaries of what's possible in digital event coverage. The Angle Studio's proficiency in working with unconventional venues, like a construction site, proves their adaptability and resilience. By merging the live stream into LCI's website and augmenting the onsite attendee experience, they have set a new benchmark in remote broadcasting. This project's success paves the way for more innovative collaborations and the evolution of broadcasting in the fashion industry.

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