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5GRV - Gamers On The Road

Streaming on the highway, thanks to our 5G backpack technology

In November 2022, The Angle Studio co-produced 5GRV - Gamers on the Road, a unique live stream series. Three gamers and a comedian embarked on a 10-day journey across the US East Coast in a gaming bus, streamed remotely from a New York control room.

Revolutionizing Remote Production:

Using 4G/5G technology, The Angle Studio connected cameras and live gaming feeds from the bus to a remote control room, delivering uninterrupted streaming, including interviews, live gaming, cooking shows, and audience Q&As.

Engaging Content Fusion:

The series blended gaming, culinary exploration, and interactive sessions, creating an immersive live entertainment experience for viewers, that could also be consumed later on in small social media snippets.

Capturing the Essence of the Road Trip:

The Angle Studio expertly captured the excitement and camaraderie of the journey, bringing traditions and great food from all over the East Coast to screens worldwide.

Impact and Future Prospects:

5GRV sets a new standard for remote live streaming, showcasing The Angle Studio's innovation and opening doors for future captivating content, saving in travel costs and making productions more environmentally friendly.

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