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Barcelona Fashion Summit

The Angle Studio's Game-Changing Live Streaming Solution

In February 2023, Modaes entrusted The Angle Studio with broadcasting the Barcelona Fashion Summit from the Petit Palau de la Música theater. The Angle Studio delivered an uninterrupted 10-hour live stream, revolutionizing the fashion event experience.

Overcoming Technological Constraints:

Despite the absence of cell phone service and limited internet connection at the venue, The Angle Studio implemented innovative solutions to ensure a seamless live stream, capturing every moment with precision and clarity.

Revolutionizing Live Streaming:

Utilizing a comprehensive setup including four remote cameras (including a robotic camera) and two projector video feeds, The Angle Studio transformed the remote viewing experience, engaging the remote audience and delivering the energy of the summit directly to their screens.

Collaborative Direction:

Operating from control rooms in Barcelona and New York, The Angle Studio coordinated efforts seamlessly, merging diverse perspectives and expertise to create a captivating broadcast.


The Angle Studio's flawless execution of the Barcelona Fashion Summit live stream showcased their technical prowess and commitment to delivering an exceptional viewer experience. Overcoming technological constraints, revolutionizing live streaming, and curating engaging content, we have redefined the fashion event landscape, setting the stage for immersive and inclusive experiences.

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