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Introducing La Petite Colline Maternelle / Preschool

A Captivating Video Showcasing the Bilingual Preschool Experience

In 2019, our team was commissioned to create a captivating video that would authentically depict the immersive experience at La Petite Colline, a bilingual preschool in Brooklyn. The goal was to visually convey how a bilingual environment stimulates infants and provide insights into the nurturing atmosphere for both children and parents.

Capturing Genuine Moments:

By investing over 15 hours of filming, we dedicated ourselves to capturing authentic moments that showcased the natural development of the children within their educational environment. Through building a rapport with the kids and teachers, we created a comfortable space where they became accustomed to the presence of the camera, allowing us to document genuine interactions and precious moments that exemplified the savoir-faire of the school.

Visualizing the Bilingual Journey:

Our video aimed to visually convey the enriching experience of a bilingual environment at La Petite Colline. Through careful editing and storytelling techniques, we sought to highlight the stimulating and nurturing atmosphere that encourages language acquisition and early childhood development. By showcasing the seamless integration of multiple languages, we aimed to captivate viewers and communicate the unique benefits of a bilingual preschool education.

Engaging Parents and Prospective Families:

With a focus on capturing the perspectives of both children and parents, our video aimed to demonstrate the positive impact of La Petite Colline's bilingual approach on early childhood learning. By showcasing real-life experiences and testimonials, we aimed to engage parents and prospective families, providing them with a glimpse into the vibrant and supportive community that La Petite Colline offers.

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