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Escape From Reality: LCI Fashion Show 2022

Showcasing Barcelona's up and coming fashion designers

In July 2022, LCI Barcelona hosted a captivating fashion runway show at the Apolo Club, entrusting The Angle Studio with the task of delivering a mesmerizing live broadcast. With a remote production setup and a keen focus on capturing the essence of the event, The Angle Studio transported viewers into the world of fashion through their immersive coverage.

Seamless Remote Production:

The Angle Studio's remote production solution utilized three cameras and a roving setup, strategically positioned to capture interviews and backstage moments. This dynamic approach ensured comprehensive coverage of the fashion show, creating a captivating experience for viewers.

Directed from New York:

Operating from their control room in New York, The Angle Studio seamlessly controlled and directed the entire show. With expertise and precision, they orchestrated the live broadcast, bringing the runway to life on viewers' screens around the world.

Immersive Backstage Experience:

To enhance the viewer's experience, The Angle Studio projected live segments from the backstage onto the venue's LED screens. This created an immersive atmosphere, allowing both in-person attendees and online viewers to get a glimpse behind the scenes and feel the excitement of the fashion world.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The Angle Studio's live broadcast of LCI Fashion Show 2022 redefined the way fashion events are experienced. By seamlessly executing a remote production setup, integrating the live stream into the organization's website, and creating an immersive backstage experience, they set a new standard for capturing the essence and energy of fashion shows. The success of this project opens doors for future collaborations and innovative approaches to live broadcasting in the fashion industry.

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