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5 Facts about the Live Streaming Revolution: Captivating Insights You Need to Know

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The Thriving Era of Live Streaming: Engaging Audiences in Real Time

Live streaming has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, reshaping the way content is consumed and captivating audiences worldwide. Let's delve into the compelling statistics that showcase the power of live streaming, its exponential growth, and the diverse demographic appeal it holds. At The Angle Studio, we are experts in live streaming, leveraging our remote production technology to multiply the reach of your content.

1. Live content outperforms on-demand video, generating 27% more watch time per viewing.

According to the Conviva State of Streaming 2021 report, live video reigns supreme in terms of engagement, with viewers spending an average of 25.4 minutes per session compared to 19 minutes for on-demand videos.

2. Live streaming witnessed a significant 13% growth in 2021.

Contrary to initial predictions of a temporary surge during the pandemic, live streaming continued its upward trajectory in 2021. This sustained growth, as reported by Streamlabs, indicates a transformative shift in the way audiences consume content.

3. Social media remains the preferred platform for 52% of live video viewers globally.

A recent survey by eMarketer2 reveals that more than half of live video viewers prefer to stream content through social media platforms. However, in the United States, 40% of respondents choose social media, while 43% opt for digital streaming subscriptions, reflecting regional differences in consumption habits.

4. Twitch dominates the live streaming market, accounting for over two-thirds of all streaming hours watched.

Twitch, the leading streaming platform, solidifies its dominance by capturing a staggering 6.51 billion hours of the total 9 billion hours watched in the last quarter. Streamlabs' data underscores Twitch's continuous growth, with a 27% year-over-year increase in viewership.

5. The 18 to 34-year-old demographic emerges as the most avid viewers of live stream video in the US.

A Statista study highlights that 18 to 34-year-olds show the highest frequency of engagement with live streaming. Approximately 15% of individuals in this age range watch live video content several times per day, while those aged 55 and above display lower levels of interest, with 62% never engaging in live streaming.

Live streaming has become an integral part of the digital landscape, captivating audiences with its real-time and immersive nature. These statistics demonstrate the growing influence of live streaming, its ability to engage diverse demographics, and the dominance of platforms like Twitch. At The Angle Studio, we specialize in live streaming, utilizing our remote production technology to amplify the reach of your content. To harness the power of live streaming and unlock new possibilities for your brand or organization, contact us at



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