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Barcelona's Heating and Cooling Networks

Transforming the Future of Green Energy


In November 2023, the Energy Agency of the Barcelona City Council recognized the need to effectively communicate the innovative heating and cooling networks implemented in some municipal buildings. The goal was to highlight the city's efforts to reduce its environmental impact and participate in the "Smart City" fair. To address this challenge, the Agency turned to The Angle Studio to create an explainer video that conveyed the essence of these innovative initiatives.

Creative Solution:

The Angle Studio embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, deploying a talented and multidisciplinary team. The team meticulously captured various locations where these heating and cooling networks were in full operation. Interviews with experts in energy and sustainability were conducted to provide a deep understanding of the impact of these networks on the city.

Video Production:

The result was a stunning and educational explanatory video that highlighted not only the technology behind the heating and cooling networks but also their positive impact on the environment and the quality of life of Barcelona's citizens. The production included captivating aerial footage, animated graphics simplifying technical concepts, and passionate testimonials from those who had benefited from these innovative solutions.

Success at the "Smart City" Fair:

The video was presented with great success at the "Smart City" fair, attracting the attention of industry leaders, sustainability experts, and government officials. The presentation at the event sparked significant discussions about replicating this model in other cities and established Barcelona as a benchmark in the field of sustainable energy.

Lasting Impact:

The dissemination of the video on online platforms and social media extended its reach beyond the fair, raising global awareness of the importance of adopting similar solutions. The carefully crafted narrative by The Angle Studio not only educated the public but also inspired other communities to explore sustainable alternatives.

Green Legacy:

The project not only met immediate objectives but also left a lasting legacy by inspiring ongoing conversations about the importance of green energy. The collaboration between the Energy Agency of the Barcelona City Council and The Angle Studio stands out as a shining example of how creativity can drive awareness and action on the path to a more sustainable future.

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