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One Chip Challenge for Georgia

Hollywood celebrities eat the spiciest chip for Georgia

In December 2022, The Angle Studio, Act TV, and MoveOn came together for a sizzling virtual event called the One Chip Challenge. With 17 prominent celebrities including W. Kamau Bell, Tom Colichio, Brian Cox, and Padma Lakshmi, the live stream aimed to raise funds and support Reverend Raphael Warnock's campaign for the critical US Senate seat in Georgia.

Ambitious objective

To rally support for Reverend Warnock's campaign and determine the majority in the US Senate. The event capitalized on the celebrities' influence and engaged a wide audience, creating awareness and encouraging support for the democratic candidate.

Through a captivating virtual live stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, The Angle Studio ensured broad viewership and maximum impact. The live stream featured dynamic visuals, real-time interactions, and engaging hosting to entertain and motivate viewers to participate.

Incredible cast

The participation of influential celebrities garnered significant media attention, driving conversations about the pivotal US Senate race in Georgia. Viewers actively engaged with the live stream, sharing the event on social media platforms and contributing to the campaign's visibility.


The One Chip Challenge was not only successful in raising awareness but also in generating funds. The event raised over $67,000, providing a substantial financial boost to Reverend Warnock's campaign. The show drove viewers to the campaign´s ActBlue donations page and tracked the funds raised with an automated on-screen meter. This achievement demonstrated the power of community engagement and creative initiatives in supporting democratic candidates.

The collaboration between The Angle Studio, Act TV, and MoveOn showcased the impact of celebrity influence and community engagement in making a tangible difference in the political landscape. The One Chip Challenge exemplified the potential for innovative events to drive meaningful change, raising funds, and amplifying support for critical campaigns like Reverend Warnock's pursuit of the US Senate seat in Georgia.

Power in Numbers


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