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Q&A with Michael Moore

Engaging Conversations and Strategic Distribution Amplify Awareness of Renewable Energy's Environmental Impact

In April 2020, Michael Moore released "Planet of the Humans," a thought-provoking documentary on the carbon footprint of renewable energy. As the executive producer, Moore hosted a virtual Q&A session with director Jeff Gibbs and producer Ozzie Zehner, engaging in an hour-long live conversation to address audience questions and discuss film details.

Insightful Conversation:

During the informal Q&A, Moore, Gibbs, and Zehner explored the complex relationship between renewable energy and environmental impact, providing valuable insights and explanations that deepened viewers' understanding of "Planet of the Humans."

Effective Distribution Strategy:

The Angle Studio employed a tailored distribution strategy, crossposting on various Facebook pages and also on YouTube and Twitter. This approach ensured widespread access to the session, fostering inclusive and dynamic discussions across multiple social media platforms and reaching over 300k viewers.

Impactful Engagement:

Through the Q&A, Moore and the filmmaking team actively engaged with the audience, addressing questions and sparking meaningful discussions. This interactive exchange prompted viewers to reflect on the documentary's perspectives and delve deeper into the film's content.

Our production provided a unique opportunity for viewers to explore the concepts behind "Planet of the Humans." This Q&A session exemplified The Angle Studio's commitment to facilitating meaningful conversations and encouraging deeper understanding of the environmental impact of renewable energy.

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